As a party is planned, organizers look for ways to make the decor special for guests. Everyone wants their party to stand out and be unique. One decor item that will add sparkle to any party is LED Lighted Ribbon. This ribbon is two and a half inches wide and comes in seven foot long strips. It can be made into bows of different sizes or twisted into table trim to add light and interest to the most important areas of the party venue.

This LED Lighted Ribbon comes in long enough lengths to make quite an impact. The lights are attached to a battery pack that takes 3 AA batteries supplied by the customer. Since the seven-foot ribbon needs to stay intact for all 20 lights to work, some planning is required to make the best use of it in party decor. A little experimenting will determine how many inches each bow will require and how many inches of ribbon can be between each bow, then the set of bows can be hung. One large bow could be constructed using all seven feet of ribbon and hung by itself where it will command the most attention. The shapeable wire edged ribbon could be twisted and looped to form table trim or outline doors.

There are many ways to use this lighted ribbon to your advantage. It comes in two color choices: white with a silver edge or gold with a gold edge. These striking but neutral colors will go with just about any style decor or color scheme. Wherever the ribbon is used it will add light and draw attention to the location. The LED lights are small and just bright enough to give a pleasant effect without being too harsh or glaring. This ribbon can be combined with other decorative elements such as flowers, glass, and candles to create even more impressive effects.

Not every party supply shop has this lighted ribbon, but it can be purchased online from us at Event Depot. Buying ribbon wholesale online at our store can save party hosts substantial money that could be used to buy more party decorations. Purchasing wholesale ribbon in New Jersey can make the party decorating budget go further, leading to a more impressive party setting. Great parties start with the right decor in a fun setting.

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