The world of ribbon seems to have evolved into something no less than amazing. Once only used as a pretty accent for a gift, ribbons are now used for much more. You can rely on ribbon to be around year-round and designs are available for almost any occasion. Ribbons are also cost effective. It takes more imagination than money to use ribbons in so many ways.

More commonly used for birthday gifts, ribbons can be turned into necklaces, headbands and other fashion accessories. Plain storage boxes can be turned into unique home decor pieces with the use of decorative ribbons. Bathroom towels receive new life with embroidered ribbon. The options to use ribbons are endless. There are so many designs to choose from and the materials are durable to hold up to normal wear and tear.

Make a Wreath

The holidays are approaching and wreaths made with ribbons are a great way to show holiday cheer. There are tons of DIY videos to learn how to make them. Essentially all you need is some creativity and time along with a wreath ring, a hot glue gun and some ribbon.

From Shabby to Chic

Make an accent or a statement piece on your wall with ribbons and frames. You would glue the ribbon to the back of the frame and hang the ribbon frame on the wall. It’s that simple. Get creative by writing inspirational quotes inside the frame before hanging them on the wall.

Write on It

chalkboard-ribbonChalkboard ribbon can be used to decorate or for a practical purpose as you can write on it. As the name implies, it is a chalkboard ribbon that is only limited to your imagination. Most people are more familiar with chalkboard paint. These ribbons work in much the same way except they are flexible.

They are wide enough to get your message across but nimble enough to wrap around most anything that requires a ribbon. We sell 2.5″ chalkboard ribbon at Event Depot. If you are thinking of using ribbon in large quantities doing a search for wholesale ribbon in New Jersey is a great way get a better price point.

Ribbons can be used to take something from ordinary to extraordinary. They are fun to work with for kids and adults. The next time you have a decorating idea, consider using ribbon; you won’t be disappointed. Have fun with them!

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