Planning any event means looking for unique items that will stand out and provide the desired ambiance. Weddings, anniversary parties and proms are glittery and romantic affairs that need to be overdone a little in order to make them feel appropriate. Antique mercury glass mint julep cups are a simple and inexpensive item that can be used in so many ways, they are practically a necessity for any decorating check list. Not only are they beautiful, they are also functional.

No matter what the event is, there is a use for these cups. They can be placed anywhere in the room. Their wide pedestal makes them solid, so they are good on tables, used in windows or anywhere else that needs a pretty touch. When used on a table they can be filled with flowers, small candles or even candy. On the dining table, use one at each place setting to hold the silverware. Place one cup at the entrance to the reception hall, filled with pens for people to sign the guest book when they arrive. Or scatter them across a buffet table and fill with napkins, crackers or anything else that fits with the theme.

Antique mercury glass mint julep cups can be purchased in either gold or silver and they will work well with nearly any other colors. Their shimmering and elegant appearance makes them a great decor item for Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine celebrations. They are a romantic touch, but not overly delicate or feminine. They have also become a popular traditional decoration for many wedding celebrations.

The glasses are affordable enough to purchase in retail locations, especially when bought in sets. Wholesale mint julep cups are often much cheaper than the retail ones, so they are the perfect choice when planning a design that will require a large amount of cups. What makes them even more affordable is that they are easy to reuse. They can be kept for another event or used as a giveaway item at the end of the night. Guests will love these pretty gifts that can be used with holiday decorations or used as an everyday vase or candle holder. They are even beautiful and durable enough to resell after the party is over. Few decorations are as affordable and useful as these cups, so no matter what type of party is being planned, take a few minutes to learn more about them.

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