With the holiday season right around the corner, people are getting prepared to throw parties to celebrate their religious beliefs. For Jewish people, Hanukkah is a big deal and something that they look forward to all year long. Much like Christmas, this holiday involves presents and a lot of family time. Usually, someone will want to throw a Hanukkah party to bring their friends and family closer together. While throwing a party sounds like a lot of fun, it is actually a lot of work. The following are some of the tips you can use when planning a party to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Get the Right Décor

One of the first things that attendees to your party will notice is the décor that you have in place. Consider using traditional colors like blue, white and silver. These colors are representative of Israel and are a staple at any party celebrating the Jewish faith. Taking the time to find some unique and eye-catching décor, you will be able to get the results that you are looking for. Event Depot has all of the necessary décor in stock.

Thinking About Food Choices

The next thing that you’ll need to consider when trying to put on a Hanukkah party is the food you’re going to serve. It is customary that these parties have refreshments waiting for the guests as they arrive. The snacks can be things like chips or candy, but can be made to fit the theme of the party. Having Jewish foods that are kosher allows the party to be much more authentic. Finding a caterer that is able to prepare this type of food can take a lot of stress off of the party planner.

Set the Right Time

The lighting of the candles on the Menorah is a big deal during this time of year. The lighting needs to take place at sundown, which means that the guests should begin arriving at least an hour early. By getting everyone in place early, you won’t have to worry about anyone missing this important part of the holiday.

The only way to get the right results from a Hanukkah party is by taking the time to plan out every detail. The more of a game plan that you have in place, the easier it will be to throw a successful party that will make friends and family smile.

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