corsage ribbon

Should you find wholesale corsage ribbon for a really good price, it may be a good idea to snap it up since it can be useful for a lot of different craft projects to dress up a home or use as gifts.


The obvious use for corsage ribbon is to make beautiful corsages with it for any fancy event, such as a formal or semi-formal dance, prom or wedding. These can be made using real or fake flowers or even just the ribbon on its own. The #3 Regal Iridescent Corsage Ribbon in 25yds is a beautiful choice for this purpose, but there are many other beautiful colors that also work depending on the color scheme of the event or the color of the dress that will be worn.

Decorate Objects

Corsage ribbon can also be used to decorate all sorts of different objects, including photo frames, gifts, clothing, tea towels or place mats. The sky is the limit, as ribbon can be either sewn or glued onto a number of objects or even just tied around objects into a beautiful bow for decoration. Wrap colorful ribbon around a plain headband to give it a more unique look or make a bow to decorate a pair of flip-flops.

Embellish Scrapbook Pages

Another thing people can do when they get the best online price for corsage ribbon and stock up on it is to use the ribbons to help embellish scrapbook pages. This can mean adding bows to pages, weaving it through holes in the pages, using it to make flowers, adding it to a journaling tag or using green ribbon cut up to look like grass at the bottom of a page about the outdoors.

Make Jewelry and Accessories

String beads or charms onto ribbon to form a necklace or bracelet, or weave different types together to make a bracelet. Make flowers or bows and glue them to hair clips, or simply braid it into long hair for a little added style.

Make Ornaments and Decorations

This type of ribbon can also be made into a variety of different ornaments for a Christmas tree, including those that look like old-fashioned ribbon candy, angels or Christmas trees. Old glass or plastic ball-shaped ornaments that are starting to look a bit worn out can be wrapped with ribbon to give them new life. Ribbon can also be used to string together banners to decorate the home for a party or special occasion.

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